16 Months

Mr. P-Man is going to be 16 months old this weekend! He is growing so fast but I love every minute of it! He is saying more words all the time and he is finally responding somewhat to questions. We definitely hear or see no the most because he knows how mischievous he can be ;) 

test driving a Jeep at the Fair

breakfast date with momma at Flap Jacks

bedtime buddies

Fair Corndog!

The fair wore him OUT!

evil baby
fun times at the Children's Museum

too cute

morning smiles

loves filling and spilling the cups

Wing Beast!

Playscape at the museum is awesome!

He had an ouchie on his toe so he needed a bandaid and he was obsessed with it.

Fun times at the park.

and of course a few videos...

My new favorite video...I've probably watched it 30 times!

He loves to play peek a boo.

This kid is obsessed with cleaning!

His favorite thing to do at the park is throw rocks.

Baby giggles!

Eating ketchup. Only ketchup.

My mom bought him a tent and the first time he got in there, it fell over!

I had Back to School Night tonight...so I'm gonna keep it short and simple! Like Parker!

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