10 Months Old

Our little guy is getting so big! He got his second haircut yesterday because it is growing so fast over his ears. 

Big Milestones: He learned how to pull himself up right after he learned to crawl in December but he has been able to stand alone for the last few weeks. He has stood up without anything to pull up on one time but he usually needs something close by or else he takes a tumble. We have worked a little on a few signs (more and all done) and we think he signed all done this morning but he may have just been excited! I am really trying to get him to say banana since that seems to be his favorite food. He mimicked the tone I was making but he was using ba ba ba sounds. He has also started putting things in certain containers on purpose as well as putting things in our hands if we hold them out. 

Measurements: When I weighed him here at home on our scale he still was in the 19 pound range and I measured him out at about 29 inches. I definitely have noticed that he has grown lately. I feel like he hadn't grown since Thanksgiving much until now. His 6-9 month pants are finally fitting and some of his 6-9 month onsies are too small. A lot of his 9-12 month clothes are a smidge too big but he can wear most of them.

Daily Schedule: Parker's schedule has been pretty much the same for the last few months but he just doesn't know it! At least when it comes to napping. He gets tired enough for a nap 2-3 times a day but sometimes decides just one nap is enough! Luckily he sleeps well at night for the most part. We will not mention last night because we thought for a moment we had a newborn!

He has started eating a lot more at his three main meals and last week he went from 2 six ounce bottles during the day to 2 four ounce bottles. He still nurses in the morning and before bed and usually when we get home from school. He loves most foods but we have finally seen him not want something! I fed him some baked potato and he spit it out twice and made the funniest yuck face! He did the same thing with black beans...both of which are foods he had previously eaten. So they may have just not been what he wanted that night. Or because they are gross to begin with ;)

Thank goodness I only have to do two more of these pictures because he is getting really squirmy!

Such a big boy!

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