New Furniture!

Last weekend we finally bought new furniture for our living room! We have been wanting to get something new for a while but just could never really decide. The Room Place had a nice sale on President's Day so we decided to just go look. Well, we really liked one set. It was delivered on Thursday and I love it!
 I can't get a good picture in the living room for some reason, so here is a picture from the website.

We also have a large chair with an ottoman. The chair and ottoman are the cranberry color and that is my new designated spot! We are planning to paint the living room a light gray. When we start it, I don't know because the high ceilings are going to be ridiculous!


  1. A new post! I almost had a heart attack! Can't wait to see pictures of it! What did you do with the old stuff?

  2. Blah blah! :) The sectional is going to someone Clint's parents know.

  3. Love this furniture! I want to see pictures, too ---so I guess I'll look next month to see if you post again. ;)