Crazy Schedule

With Clint working nights, lots of things are kind of crazy.
1. Sleep - I still am going to bed at about the same time during the week, but I wake up every night either when he gets home, gets in the shower, or gets in bed. Or even some random other time. I usually get right back to sleep but one night I was awake for a while. This weekend made me realize my sleep schedule is really going to be messed up. Of course he isn't tired Saturday night but I want to stay up with him. Both can't work so of course I passed out and he stayed up for a while. Sunday I slept in too much because he was still sleeping and then tonight I am not too tired but I have to get up early so I better get to bed. Ughhh.
2. Dinner - A couple times this week Clint had dinner ready to go at 4. I can always box it up to eat later but I'm too lazy for that. So far I haven't been bad about eating dinner and then eating again later so I hope that doesn't turn bad!
3. Zoe - This is a good one! Zoe doesn't have to be locked up hardly at all! Just on the weekends mostly, unless one of us makes a short trip.
4. Several other random little things that I can't think of this late!

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully you'll get used to the disrupted sleep. When Ange was working 2nd shift way long ago it was hard at first but we got used to it.

    Maybe Zoe will behave better now that she won't be loooooonely for attention!