Lindsay and Ange are moving to Chico, California this weekend and I will be roadtripping in Lindsay's car. We will be leaving sometime Sunday afternoonish and hope to arrive Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We aren't going to go as slow as turtles but we also aren't going to go breakneck speed. Once we get there we are going to unpack (my mom will be joining us at Lindsay's place) and stay for a couple days. Then I will drive to Long Beach to stay with Mom for a few more days. I will be coming home Wednesday the 27th.

The actual trip out there will probably be fun and the 7 days or so that I'll be in California will also be fun. However, the fact that I have to come home without my mom AND my sister is sad. Indiana already isn't that great of a state but now I will be more lonely :(

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  1. BOO for leaving! But yay for road trips and a last sister vacay week!