Puerto Rico

For our fourth anniversary and just for a vacation in general we decided to go to Puerto Rico! We flew into San Juan and stayed in a hotel in Isle Verde right on the beach. We stayed at Hotel La Playa, which was ok. It wasn't fancy or anything but after we drove around a while we noticed that most of the hotels were kind of old. Here are a few of the hotel. We forgot to take pics of teh actual room!

It had a restaurant and bar downstairs which was pretty good, called La Playita.

Here are some pictures from when we went to El Yunque, the national rainforest.

There were so many waterfalls here!

It was pouring!!!

Trying to use the self timer!

This was the highest point in the rainforest.

Then here are some pics from us at the beach.

We found a beach by our hotel that no one else went to!

My sand creation!

Clint's model of our new house.

This was us right before we left for the airport.

We also went ziplining in another forest but we forgot our camera that day. We ended up buying a water camera since we also rappelled down an 80 foot waterfall, but we haven't developed that yet.

Puerto Rico had some beautiful parts and it was a really fun vacation!

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