Random thoughts

Tomorrow is the first day of class for my IUPUI classes. After this semester I will be halfway done!! I am taking Computers in Curriculum which doesn't seem too bad. I had to sign up for a Twitter acct...not too thrilled because I already have one, and this one will just get deleted after college, just like the dumb blog I had to start for college. But, if you want to follow me on that acct go for it! The other class I am taking seems like a bore...Strategies for educational inquiry. Maybe it will be interesting.

Regular school has been going really well so far. My kids are pretty good...just have a few boys that live on a different planet. I am going to have to really work on strategies to get their attention and to get them to follow directions. All my girls (and a lot of my boys) are so cute! I am teaching the cluster kids this year too, which means I have a lot of kids that are really high...reading on 2nd+ grade level! Emily and I have started to try differentiating a few things since she teaches cluster too. I am hoping to really learn some new things this year to help me be a better teacher. I think this year will be really good, which hopefully means that next year will be too!

Clint is busy tring to a find a house to fix and flip with a couple buddies but everytime they find a house and get ready to have our realtor put a bid on it, it gets sold. I think there are people that just buy these cheap houses without looking at them. Clint wants to look at them so he knows what he's getting in to, but so far no luck :( I really hope he can get one soon...because he wanted to get 2 done before we move next spring/summer.

Over the summer we finally agreed that we will be moving next spring or summer!! I have been wanting to move forever but Clint could never decide, but now he's good with it. However, he can't decide where he wants to move. He agrees with where I want to live sometimes and then other times, he changes his mind. I would really like to live near Butler/Broad Ripple. I want to live there for a few reasons. I really love the houses around that area, I love the cultural aspects there, and I like the community feel. Clint likes all of that too, but would rather be in Plainfield. Hopefully we find a house on a day that he agrees with me :)


  1. Yay! Blog!

    Ange is ready to flip a house too! Don't forget!

    He'll move to Butler/Broad Ripple. He always does what you want. That's why he's a good husband!

  2. hope he finds a house soon - I also know you'll convince him that Broad Ripple is a good investment (and a great place to live!)