Oh education...

With all the talk about budget cuts in education there are constantly articles written about teachers and education. Some articles can really get me going, especially if they mention Tony Bennett and/or Mitch Daniels. I get so frustrated when I think that he won the election 2 years ago just because he was republican. I wish people had become educated on who they were voting for, because to me, the superintendent of education is a very important role. How Tony Bennett became a superintendent of an entire school district first is beyond me.

What really gets me going though is when I start reading comments. I hardly ever read more than 5 because by that time I am so fired up that I start thinking up harsh retorts to give these unknown, and most likely ignorant, people. I don't see how people can think they know everything about education and teaching or how they can try to lump all children into one category.

One such article claimed that "25% of third graders cannot read" and they go on to say that they cannot read on grade level material. The latter statement contradicts the former. Yes, there are a lot of children that cannot read on grade level but they can read. Those that cannot or are behind come from many different groups: non English-speaking children and special education children.

Instead of taking money away from high-need schools (which are usually urban schools) and giving it to schools in high-socioeconomic areas, give funding to schools that need it most (while they must also show how they are going to use the money). That way money will be going to help the schools with children who are struggling.

Just my two cents.


  1. I can't read comments on the newspaper articles -- it gets me all riled up to think that idiots like that live among us. Especially education articles --

  2. Yeah, definitely scary to read the comments section. This is the downside of pervasive technology and the instantaneous info generation. Everyone thinks their comments are great and that everyone wants to read them. Like I give a crap what "Redneck & Proud of it!" thinks about education policy.