Lisa Frank

When I was younger, about 3rd grade or so I was OBSESSED with anything Lisa Frank. I would hope that everyone would know who or what Lisa Frank is, but for those less fortunate, I'll explain. Lisa Frank is a lady that created a business named Lisa Frank. She has different products that include brightly colored designs with lots of purple and rainbows. She makes stickers, folders, pencils, binders, notebooks, etc.

Of course, I had folders with all these designs when I was younger; not to mention pages and pages of stickers!!

There is also a magazine that comes out four times a year with all her merchandise, including, blankets, comforters, pillows, shirts, socks, and curtains. Basically everything you could possibly ever dream of owning, covered in Lisa Frank designs.

I was so obsessed with Lisa Frank that I devised a plan to steal a check from my dad's checkbook to buy a huge amount of merchandise. I did have the cash saved up, Dad just wouldn't let me get anything. I ended up being too chicken. I had everything filled out. I just couldn't pull the rainbow trigger. Too bad huh?

I found another blog that reminisces of the great time of Lisa Frank here.

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  1. Oh. My. God. Dying. You are so funny. I love this 100 days of blogging. Stealing a check??? Srsly??? Dead. On the floor.